How to make white marble work in a kitchen

How to make white marble work in a kitchen

White has often been seen as a boring and plain color. It’s become a base coat, rather than a feature piece in interior design. That is why it’s not strange that white marble has often been told to be too cold for a color and people often shy away from using it, opting for a more ‘warm’ cream or pastel shade. But things are changing. With the rise of the Scandinavian style and minimalist designs, white marble is having a comeback. Paired with the right thing, brilliant white marble can offer a bold and striking look but can also contribute to a cozy warm atmosphere. It’s incredibly versatile

We’re taking a look at how white marble can be used in a kitchen, the best ways to use it and reasons to reconsider this marvelous material

1. Traditional white marble wall and countertop

If you are looking to create impact with your kitchen, and want to add natural stone for a timeless look, think white marble. White marble makes a fantastic material for walls in a kitchen. It adds light to a room and allows you to incorporate other colors in many different ways. If you’re going white marble on the walls, the options for the kitchen cabinet color is virtually endless

Installing a whole white marble slab for parts of the wall is a bold choice. But the after result of combining colorful wallpaper to the remaining surface as well as using dark green cabinets under the countertop in the middle of the room truly brings warmth to your kitchen. The fixtures hanging above the counter provides a sense of festive to the kitchen, which works well with the white accessories on the far shelves to create a classic countryside kitchen

On the other hand, this classic framed green shaker kitchen is one way to be creative with the color palette. The forest green is an unusual choice for a kitchen but contrasts the white marble countertop to create a stunning effect. With a few simple stainless steel appliances and accessories, the white marble and green cabinets create impact but without overpowering the room. It’s a great example how white marble can create impact in a kitchen

2. Go all white with Vietnam white marble

Go white all over. White can add depth and variation to a kitchen. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this kitchen

Clean and classic shaker cabinetry is spread throughout the house, and this kitchen was the focal point. By using different shades of white, utilizing the floral patterns of Opal white marble, featuring both brilliant white and a slight off white, this kitchen is a perfect example of how white adds personality to a room

Brilliant white marble is chosen for the countertops, and stainless steel sink fittings and door handles create a combination suited the contemporary style of the kitchen. The design also includes a beautiful large steel range and white spotlights in the ceiling. The sliding doors right above the sink brought in lots of light into the property and drew the eye beyond the kitchen to the beautiful greenery of the outdoors. Applying white marble into the interior design provides the kitchen with a modern flow throughout the room, which also brought a sense of tranquility and calm to the whole house

3. Add aspects of white marble to your kitchen.

If you’re thinking of a colored or natural wood kitchen, consider incorporating white marble into your choice of appliance or accessories

Take this industrial rustic kitchen for instance. White marble was the perfect choice for this countertops and sink basin. It drew the eye, created impact but didn’t overpower the beautiful grain of the wood of the cabinets and floor. It was a harmonious partnership between the marble and the wood, both come directly from nature itself

Likewise, this classic French kitchen is of the similar design to utilize white marble that follows the latest minimalist trend. Different shades of the same beige color were used on the walls and furniture to create a feeling of completeness. But incorporating these brilliant white marble shelves and accessories, alongside other key color pieces, added a sense of freshness to the room. It broke up the color of the room, and also added character and charm. This way, you can still have the look of classic marble in your kitchen even if you don’t want to deal with too much maintenance

There’s nothing quite like the beauty and elegance that marble brings to a kitchen. Of course white marble in the kitchen is nothing new, but lately, we’ve been seeing new and different ways to use white marble, and white marble showing up in more and more modern kitchens. So hurry up, get the best white marble from Vietnam to create your own style