Natural Marble

Vietnamese marble is famous for its variety of textures and patterns. The products Bao Lai provides are valuable products exploited from the best white marble quarries of Vietnam. Bao Lai owns 13 marble quarries and launched a variety of colors and patterns products such as: crystal white, beige, or embellished with gray or red veins depending on each individual marble grain type

Artificial Marble

Bao Lai artificial marble is a combination of natural marble minerals and acrylic glue, so it has high hardness, withstands impacts from the outside environment,
so it is suitable for use in places, where people often interact such as kitchen tables, stairs, countertops…

Filler Masterbatch & CaCO3

Bao Lai CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch is made from Super-fine CaCO3 powder , PP resin and some special additives. Filler Masterbatch widely used in the production of blow molding, injection molding, packaging, plastic frames, Pvc pipe production…