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Yen Binh Factory is located in Ao Khoai Hamlet, Thinh Hung Commune, Yen Binh District, Yen Bai Province, Vietnam, nearly 150km from Hanoi City. This is a very favorable location which allows us to take input blocks from our quarries both by roadway and waterway within 02 hours.
The total area of Yen Binh Factory is about 60ha. The factory capacity for processing natural white marble slabs and tiles is 735,000 m2/year. Our slabs and tiles are processed in a complete cycle within the factory campus. All phases from cutting, polishing, resining, and processing are performed in a professional processes and state-of-the-art Breton gangsaws, Breton polishing lines, Breton resin lines, Breton processing lines, and other world-leading equipment and machines. Finished-products meet top-world standards in quality, in every ordered size, and are also packed and transported in international export standards.
Particularly, the factory is equipped with Breton water treatment system. This system ensures water discharged from all of our processing lines are collected, treated, filtered and returned to lines in high quality for required processing need. The water treatment is therefore completely closed without any sewage into outside environment, realizing our target to make the factory to be eco-friendly and safe to local people.

Natural Marble Processing Equipment and Machines

  • Breton Multi-blade Gangsaws BM 80S/800
  •  Breton Multi-blade Gangsaws BM 40S/600
  •  Breton Automatic Polishing Line 1m KFM 100/312
  • Breton Automatic Polishing Line 2m KG KFT 3600/017
  •  Gaspari Single Wire Cutter
  •  Gaspari Multi-blade Gangsaws DGS2000/80
  •  Gaspari Automatic Polishing Line PMM2000/80
  •  Breton Resin and Filling System
  •  Breton Fabshop System

Capacity of 1000m3 /1 month, next 3 years capacity 5000m3 / 1 month


2 stone powder factories capacity 70 tons per hour


CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch factories capacity 16 tons per hour


Capacity of 200 pieces of artificial stone / 1 day

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