Our factory is located in Pho Noi B Industrial Park, Nghia Hiep Commune, Hung Yen Province, Vietnam. This is a very favorable location for the transportation of blocks from our quarry and to Hai Phong seaport, for the processing of blocks into slabs, and our entire system management.

The total area of the factory is more than 10,000 m2. The factory capacity is 500,000 m2/year. Here, blocks from our quarry are transported into the factory, leveled by automatic cranes and put into Gaspari gang saws by automatic equipment, and then cut into slabs with various thicknesses. After that slabs are loaded into a Gaspari automatic polishing line and polished to have international standard surface. Finally slabs can be cut into ordered sizes and loaded into containers to be transported to our customers.

Besides the core production activity, the factory is well equipped with an environmental treatment system up to international standards. This ensures the factory to be friendly to environment and cause no harm to local life.