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Stearic Acid-Coated Caco3 Powder

Stearic Acid-Coated Caco3 Powder

Stearic Acid-Coated Caco3 Powder

Bao Lai’s Stearic acid-coated CaCO3 powder  is produced from white marble (marble) originating from quarries formed in Yen Bai, Vietnam. Bao Lai marble has the characteristics of low impurities, crystals with uniform dispersion, high gloss, good hardness. The characteristics from the original materials along with the excellent machine chain system come from the leading countries in the field of supplying CaCo3 stone powder production lines

Typical application: Paint and plastic industry, paper industry…

Stearic acid-coated CaCO3 powder analysis:

Chemical analysis

CaCO3 content ≥ 98%

MgO ≤ 0,10%

Fe2O3≤ 0,01%

Al2O3 ≤ 0,02%

SiO2 ≤ 0,19%

Na2O ≤ 0,01%

Physycal analysis

Whiteness ≥ 98%

Brightness ≥ 97%

Moisture ≤ 0,2%

PH: 8-9

Specific gravity: 2.7g/cm3

Loss on heating ≤ 43.19%

Coating rate > 99%

Acid/CaCo3 > 1,1%

Content of insoluble matter: 0,15%

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