The durability and fire resistance of Bao Lai’s Natural Marble

The durability and fire resistance of Bao Lai’s Natural Marble

Bao Lai’s natural marble is a special material in architecture and interior decoration. In modern architecture, natural marble is very popular and widely used in many spaces. From the living room, bedroom or bathroom… It brings unique and beautiful effects by its unique veins

Not only that, the durability and fire resistance of marble is also a highlight that many people are interested

Fire resistance:
Natural Marble has a special physical structure, so heat resistance and fire resistance are both very good. When faced with flame, toxic heat or high thermal pressure, Marble will remain unaffected or react to create substances harmful to health. This ensures that it is a non-flammable product. So it can keep absolutely safe for homeowners and decorative space when problems related to fire and explosion occur

Bao Lai’s natural marble slabs are tested to absolute safety standards. Marble surface is tested to A1 or B1 fireproof standard. This makes it the ideal choice for interior decoration, especially in areas with strict requirements for fire safety

Marble is a material with a high level of strength and hardness, which makes it able to withstand impact, friction and wear without scratching or breaking. This makes it a decorative building material that can be used for a long time without concern for repair

With high strength and hardness, Marble will not be affected under the effects of light, temperature or weather… With always maintaining its original beauty, it becomes a choice. Long-lasting in interior decoration without replacement for a long time