Is marble good?

Is marble good?

Marble is one of the most popular decorative stones in the world, bringing a beautiful and luxurious space. So what is marble? Is this stone durable? What are the advantages and disadvantages of this stone?

Today, marble products are gradually replacing conventional paving stones. Because the demand for beauty is increasing and this stone line can meet the needs of many careful buyers because of the difference, the color is also the stone that makes customers love it. Therefore, this stone has become increasingly popular in the market of space decoration and interior and exterior tiling

Marble, also known as marble, is a metamorphic rock from limestone, with a non-schist structure. The main composition of the rock is calcite (a crystalline form of calcium carbonate CaCO3)

The colors and veins are formed from the metamorphic process of limestone along with the doping with compounds such as mud, sand, clay, Silicon… of which, the most white color is formed from Pure and blue limestone formed from limestone containing both Mg and Silica

Is marble good? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

There are two types of marble on the market today, natural and artificial. Natural stone is currently being chosen and widely used by many homeowners. Due to the natural beauty, it is possible to meet the aesthetic requirements in architecture, as well as feng shui in house construction with vivid natural stone veins


Stone veins: In terms of patterns, marble veins show a very unique beauty. Each stone when cut is unique thanks to its unique texture. The natural texture on each stone is sometimes soft, but sometimes it is like a watercolor painting when it has a unique and abstract shape

Color: An outstanding feature of marble is the color. Thanks to this unique feature, they become the only stone that shows the luxury of the homeowner’s work

Durability: In terms of durability, marble is among the natural stones that stand the test of time. The thickness of the stone can make the floor resistant to compression and strong impact

Heat resistance: One outstanding advantage of marble compared to other natural stones is its extremely good heat resistance. It helps to ensure that the house covered with this stone has a uniform temperature. Good fire resistance and ensure your space is free from fire safety hazards


Price: The price of marble is quite high on the market, it can be more expensive than granite, which does not feel strange because the aesthetic factor is also one of the decisions to the price

Hardness: Although the durability is quite high, but because it is formed from limestone, it is porous, so this stone still has a lower hardness than some other natural stones

Water resistance: Basically, this stone is not appreciated for its water resistance, which is also the reason why they are often preferred in interior design. Therefore, when the construction of marble needs to be paid more attention and care. However, at Bao Lai, we use Italian waterproofing technology to ensure that the stone surface is always shiny and water resistant at the highest level

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Above we have provided you with information about marble and its advantages and disadvantages. Currently, there are many marble suppliers on the market. However, you have to wisely make the choice of a reputable marble sales address to get the best quality and beautiful stone samples. One of the reputable and quality marble suppliers is Bao Lai marble