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Diamond White

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Diamond White marble is the brightest white marble among our stones. Its smooth and whiteness surface, which is suitable for facings, staircases, countertops, makes it an impressive highlight within your home or office.

White marble has grace the interiors and exteriors of homes for centuries due to its timeless look, strong appearance and superior characteristics. White marble can be found in Italy, Greece, USA, India, etc.; however, Vietnamese white marble are in increasingly high demand for its unique nature and wonderful crystalline appearance.

Van Khoa offers the best Vietnam white marble up to customer requirements at best price. We supply Vietnam white marble of great quality for domestic consumption and exportation. Our products are available in a wide variety of sizes tailored to our customers’ operations, ranging from white marble blocks to white marble slabs and marble tiles.

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*Due to natural stone characteristics, all pictures are treated as a rough guide.

Giá bán:



Chemical Analysis (Unit % by mass) Value (as per ASTM guidelines)
1 Loss on Ignition (at 1000o +/- 10o C) 43.79
2 Silica (as SiO2) 0.02
3 Alumina (as Al2O3) 0.014
4 Iron Oxide (as Fe2O3) 0.02
5 Lime (as CaO) 55.76
6 Magnesia (as MgO) 0
7 Titania (as TiO2) 0
8 Soda (as Na2O) 0
9 Potash (as K2O) 0
10 Calcium Carbonate (as CaCO3) 99.71
Physical Analysis Value
1 MOH Hardness (unit as per MOH scale) 4
2 Water Absorption (% by wt.) <0.1
3 Bulk Specific Gravity (kg /m3) 2.71
4 Compressive Strength (kg/cm2) Dry – 559 Saturated - 480
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Capacity of 1000m3 /1 month, next 3 years capacity 5000m3 / 1 month


2 stone powder factories capacity 70 tons per hour


CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch factories capacity 16 tons per hour


Capacity of 200 pieces of artificial stone / 1 day

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