Coated Calcium Carbonate powder 10+/-2µ

Bao Lai offers a diverse set of ground calcium carbonate powder from Vietnam white marble suited for a wide range of applications including plastics, paints & coatings, construction materials, adhesives, sealants, food & pharmaceutical products, paper & ink, and lawn care.

BL10S is a high whiteness calcium carbonate derived from pure Vietnam white marble. It is milled and classified to below 10 microns and 1% coated with stearic acid. It is surface – treated to make the particles completely hydrophobic for ease of dispersion, improved processing characteristics and minimal moisture-uptake.

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Key features

  • Exceptional whiteness
  • Absence of particles above 15 microns
  • Excellent dispersion properties
  • Impart high gloss
  • Good toughness and rigidity in thermoplastics

Key applications

  • Matt and glossy emulsion decorative paints
  • Polyolefin Compound / Masterbatch for molding and film
  • Matt and glossy enamels
  • Rigid and plasticized PVC thermoplastics
  • Anticorrosion Paints Primers
  • Elastomers rubber
Property Unit of Measures Value
+ 10 microns % max 2.0
Brightness Hunter Y 95.0 ± 1.5
CaC Wt. % 99.0
MgCO3 Wt. % 0.6
Fe2O3 Wt. % 0.02
Acid Insoluble Wt. % 0.22
Stearate coating % 1.0 ± 0.2
Moisture Wt. % 0.2
Oil absorption g/100g 21
Surface area BET m2g-1 6
Specific gravity 2.7
Aerated powder density Kg/ 500
Tapped powder density Kg/ 1030
pH 9.4