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The marble named Barocco is a natural white stone with uniqueorange or golden veins, in comparison with our Aramis white marble the veins are more intesence and dramtic which make this marble very elegant and refined; it is perfect for indoor covering and paving. It is also great as kitchen countertop.

Vietnamese white marble are in increasingly high demand for its unique nature and wonderful crystalline appearance. Van Khoa as owner of 9 quarries offers a wide range of white marble for a very competitive price.

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*Due to natural stone characteristics, all pictures are treated as a rough guide.

Giá bán:



Chemical Analysis (Unit % by mass) Value (as per ASTM guidelines)
1 Loss on Ignition (at 1000o +/- 10o C) 43.5
2 Silica (as SiO2) 0.09
3 Alumina (as Al2O3) 0.02
4 Iron Oxide (as Fe2O3) 0.04
5 Lime (as CaO) 55.3
6 Magnesia (as MgO) 0.1
7 Titania (as TiO2) 0
8 Soda (as Na2O) 0
9 Potash (as K2O) 0
10 Calcium Carbonate (as CaCO3) 98.71
Physical Analysis Value
1 MOH Hardness (unit as per MOH scale) 4
2 Water Absorption (% by wt.) 0.1
3 Bulk Specific Gravity (g /cm3) 2.71
4 Compressive Strength (MPa) 79.1
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Capacity of 1000m3 /1 month, next 3 years capacity 5000m3 / 1 month


2 stone powder factories capacity 70 tons per hour


CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch factories capacity 16 tons per hour


Capacity of 200 pieces of artificial stone / 1 day

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