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TOP 9 most recent trendy white marble floor designs

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TOP 9 most recent trendy white marble floor designs
Whether your house is traditional or contemporary, who wouldn’t want a gorgeous white marble slab in their kitchen or stunning white marble floor and wall for your living room? Designers are trying different combination to adapt this classic material tonew trends with bold colors and interesting installations. If you love the beauty of white marble and trying to come up with a creative look for your rooms, take a cue from these spaces. 9floors001
  1. Classic Roman living room with white marble floor
Nothing can beat a classic pure white marble floor in an all-white living room. This living room resembles Roman palace’s main hall with white pillars. The crystal chandelier and elegant bright-color furniture emphasize the modern and sleek look of the whole room. The greatest feature in an all-white living room are large windows which allow natural sunlight to the room. After all, white marble is natural stone, so the best way to compliment it to bring the natural breath to your living space is to create a harmonization to celebrate the natural feels. Contact our sales department for the right white marble tiles for your living room.
  1. White marble flooring in hotel’s lobby
If the idea of having a single motif doesn’t seem appealing, then go for a marble floor design like this to draw attention using stripe pattern. Adding lines of black into a shiny white marble floor yield a remarkable feel for whole space. Black pillars on the white ceilings and walls truly become the focal point of the whole design, with the stylish fixture adds a modern touch to the scene. This is the typical example of contemporary application of white marble in a hotel lobby. 9floors002  
  1. White marble in modern and trendy checkerboard style
Checkerboard, a classic pattern used extensively in traditional design of white marble and black natural stone, can be boring sometimes. However, designers have recently revived the style by creating more variations to produce more interesting patterns. Different styles of checkerboard on the floor separate the corridor into each distinct section. Combined with the crystal white marble arches, black and white marble floor brings the ancient beauty to the entire house. Remember a bold checkered marble floor is not only elegant, but also eye-catching. 9floors003
  1. White marble floor for contemporary bathroom
This is an example of a large classic master bathroom design in New York with dark wood cabinets, a white marble slab for freestanding tub, white marble floors with marble tiles and beige walls. If you feel like an all-white bathroom is too much for you, this combination will be the best alternative. With a set of warm lighting from the ceiling down or right beside the mirror, your white marble floor can create a sparkling halo to your whole bathroom through reflection. This design best suits a guest bathroom when you can organize a refreshing bouquet, together with clean towels for cozier atmosphere. 9floors004
  1. Diversity in arrangement of white marble
The ideal bathroom has white marble floors, walls and white to beige ceiling. Nevertheless, how you style and arrange the patterns on the stone is of different question. You can pave the whole room of white marble (right) or divide the room into different section and start from the floor up. Take the bathroom on the left for example. The bathroom is divided into two parts, the shower and the bathtub, which are connected by a stair with black underlines. The whole room is covered with white marble slabs. To show off the dramatic veins, the designer added extra layer of different-patterned stone in between each slab. With this design, white marble definitely elevate your ordinary bathroom to a spa. On the right, white marble slabs for walls, counters and white marble tiles for floors can sometime overwhelm your eyes. The key is to choose a stand-out point for the whole room, which is why flooring and counter in the shower stall are made of wood. You can also add a few decors of bright colors to the countertop for a more sophisticated look. Either ways, you will have the cool bathroom with refreshing feels, ready for your every relaxing moment. 9floors005
  1. White marble with interesting décor
The design of a contemporary oval bathtub can be beautifully exploited with the help of Vietnam white marble. This unique material is highly versatile and a black and white marble bathroom design might need a few wooden details to become warmer and more inviting. Adding some shelves and decorations upgrades the clean design and adds the owner’s perspective in the mix with the choice of decor. 9floors007
  1. Be creative with horizontally-veined white marble
A highly modern white marble bathroom design can showcase a very inspiring combination of horizontally-veined marble. Even though pure white marble is usually considered a classic beauty, sometimes showcasing the veining of the stone can be appealing and make your room into a piece of abstract art. Take a look at the bathroom above, the designer exploited the dark colored parallel veins in white marble slabs to pave the bathroom’s floor and one side of the walls. The horizontal veins can easily be achieved when you make a special request to the white marble manufacturer to cut the marble block into slabs that follows the direction of veins. By doing so, you can certainly make your home look and feel like a luxury hotel by emphasizing its elegance with white marble. 9floors008
  1. A harmony of black-and-white-marble with lighting
Luxury marble design can mean a fantastic combination of black, white and light. A round marble bathtub illuminating the space was placed against a white marble wall and surrounded by black marble. White marble tile walkway that leads to the central point of the whole room – a bathtub-for-two that looks like it is made for royals. Lighting plays an important part in white marble design. White marble is excellent for reflecting light and brightening up a space. White lighting is installed under the stairs that lead up the bathtub to provide accent lighting to show off the white marble design and slim off the thickness of the bathtub. Warm light descends from both side above the white marble wall promises contrast colors for the wall between shadow and beige. The whole design looks surreal – imagine yourself immersed in warm water, a glass of champagne in one hand and flower petals gently dotting the foamy water – what a dream setting. It is not uncommon nowadays to see a combination of white marble and dark wood floor, since wood is definitely a lovely option for kitchen floors, but some areas are better off with marble tiles. Honey-comb white marble mosaic tile connecting the backyard to the wooden floor inside the kitchen creates a captivating design. It is a practical design that also looks exquisite by combining wood with marble tiles in a manner that gives them both an artistic look. 9floors009 For more options of Vietnam white marble mosaic tiles, contact us now at Bao Lai >>>


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