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Bao Lai Investment JSC. (Bao Lai) is established in 2010 focusing on mining and processing of Vietnam white marble to manufacture ground calcium carbonate powder to meet the demands of industrial admixtures like CaCO3 (calcium carbonate), dolomite CaMg(CO3)2, quartz SiO2. We provide services domestically as well as internationally. Our customers have come from all over the world: America, Europe, India, China, the Middle East.

Toward the objective to become one of leading manufacturers specialized in processing and distributing ground calcium carbonate powder CaCO3 within the Vietnam territory, Bao Lai has been developing nine marble mines in Luc Yen district, Yen Bai province and two processing factories within Yen Bai province. It is estimated that when putting into the stable operation phase, these marble mines will produce 500,000m2 of artificial white marble, 1,000,000 tons of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder and 300,000 tons of plastic chips from white marble per annum.

In order to achieve the set objectives, Bao Lai largely invests in the recruitment of personnel experienced in mining and processing ground calcium carbonate powder and actively encourage personal growth. Our staff includes foreign experts specialized in geographic analysis to help us determine precisely the location of the most resourceful reserves of Vietnam white marble to extract calcium carbonate in our quarries.

We also consult foreign experts coming from Italia who have experiences in mining and processing ground calcium carbonate powder. With many years of working in the industry, our experts have deep understanding of the specifications of the natural substance, as well as the proper conditions to obtain the best ground calcium carbonate to supply the international market.

With the mindset to best please our customers, Bao Lai commits to invest in the most advanced and innovative technology. We import the best-in-line equipment all over the world to offer products of ground calcium carbonate powder CaCO3 in accordance with the international standards.


Ground calcium carbonate powder derived from Vietnam white marble has the characteristics of exceptional whiteness, low impurities, excellent dispersion, high gloss impartment and good rigidity, which make it favorable for the mass production of plastics, paint, paper, glue, etc. Our ground calcium carbonate products are available in standard or custom-sized chips (5mm to 25mm) and superfine ground calcium carbonate powder (coated and uncoated).

We have access to a total of nine quarries that yield high-quality white marble in lumps. We exploit white marble quarries with the attitude of sustainability and making the best use of our resources of white marble. We make sure best quality white marble will not be wasted by carefully calculated the possible amount for exploitation, regarding the recovery rate of the area, as well as the demands of the market.

Our production is highly sophisticated and pioneering. Best possible resources of white marble lumps were extracted from our nearby quarries, hand-selected and washed, then automatically transported to our factory to be ground and filtered by innovative equipment, under the supervision of a team of experts in order to ensure the consistent quality.

Our facilities are equipped with the most modern system and machinery, imported from Italy, Japan, USA,… We constantly seek to improve our technology to bring the best quality Ground calcium carbonate CaCO3 for our customers in terms of reliability. At Bao Lai, we take the advantages of the advanced equipment and laboratory, as well as our skillful personnel to differentiate our calcium carbonate powder from our competition and to create new value propositions.


Vietnam white marble is famous for its extreme whiteness and low impurities. What we offer is high-value ground calcium carbonate powder from the best white marble reserves in Vietnam. We have a total of nine quarries potentially produce the highest quality of marble lumps. From these white marble quarries, we constantly exploit new batches of lumps contain up to 99% CaCO3 – the substance of great use in industrial production.

We constantly invest in latest and most innovative technology and equipped the most advanced production system to provide the highest quality ground calcium carbonate powder for domestic consumption and exportation. Our production system includes filtering lines, crushing and grinding machinery, imported from European and China. Moreover, our laboratory is fitted with the top-of-the-line testing machines and led by experts with years of experience in the industry. We carry out tests on a regular basis to ensure the uniform standard of ground calcium carbonate powder.

Bao Lai provides our customers with different types of packaging services that are tailored to their operations. We understand deeply about the nature of ground calcium carbonate powder, with its physical and chemical specifications, therefore we take great precautions and are willing to utilize the best delivery service available. We make sure our products come to you on time and avoid any indemnity along the way.

These above factors give us great confidence in the products of ground calcium carbonate powder from Vietnam white marble we supply since we take full control over our production, from mining, examination to grinding and processing the substance. We understand the constant changes of market trends over time, and constantly put ourselves in challenging position to adapt to those changes.


Bao Lai commits to satisfy customers’ demands by supplying Ground calcium carbonate powder from Vietnam white marble up to customer requirements at best price.

White marble, which contains up to 99% calcite (CaCO3) is extracted from our own quarries and transported to our nearby factories for automatic processing. The location of our white marble quarries and factories, which is 220 kilometers away from Hanoi and 365 kilometers from Haiphong Port, makes it extremely favorable for transportation and distribution. We ensure our ground calcium carbonate powder come directly to our customers free of extra charges.

Bao Lai has been investing in the latest equipment and automatic system in order to reduce production cost. We sincerely believe in changes made by technology innovation, gradually adjust our production toward automatic replacements and invest in the recruitment of high-skilled workforce; hence we are able to offer calcium carbonate powder at best price.

By continually trying our best to minimize the production cost whilst still ensuring the quality of ground calcium carbonate powder (CaCO3) we supply, together with keeping our commitments to sustainability and environmental-friendly, we are confident that our service not only exceeds your expectations but also fit your anticipated budget. We take pride in our powder product, always challenge ourselves to offer our clients the best experience and welcome them to come back again.


We ensure each and every demand of our clients is heard and continuously challenge ourselves to improve our services to assist you through the whole process, starting from choosing the right material for your project. Our experienced staff with a thorough understanding for ground calcium carbonate powder will be available to answer your every question and demand. We respect each and every customer as well as their needs and their budgets, we believe every client who comes to our company will have the best experience.

Bao Lai Marble aims toward the goal to be a market leader by constantly supplying products and promoting the philosophy of teamwork. Our white marble quarries and processing factories are constantly in full capacity operation to guarantee the availability of ground calcium carbonate powder.


The success of Bao Lai depends on the integrity and professionalism that we demonstrate in our daily internal and external interactions. As a business, we commit to comply with all compulsory laws and conducts all activities upon the highest spirit of integrity and ethical standards.

Bao Lai conducts all activities related to the exploitation, process, and supplies of ground calcium carbonate powder from Vietnam white marble under the commitments of promoting the prevention of pollution, conserve energy, and responsibly ensure all the waste is handled and disposed of.

Bao Lai firmly commits to obey every environmental regulation and managerial requirements of competent authorities to which we subscribe concerning environment aspects. We promise to constantly monitor and improve environmental performance via a responsible environmental management system. We furthermore establish objectives, targets, and guidelines to measure performance and review our environmental management system.

Bao Lai believes in providing services that are both profitable and environment-friendly. Mining and processing white marble and processing ground calcium carbonate powder can potentially cause harms to the surrounding neighborhood since it involves examination and exploitation resources in mountainous areas. Therefore, we take careful precautions in every step in our production to minimize the effects impact the local.

Bao Lai provides appropriate on-field training and creates awareness of environmental responsibilities among employees. Our staff has deep respect and understanding for the industry and believes in sustainable production of white marble.


Bao Lai firmly believes in the principle of sustainability and recognizes the appropriately fundamental responsibilities that our business needs to have in orders to work toward the sustainable existence of the communities at where we operate.

We commit to approach our business aims responsibly and also respond to the different concerns and demands of our stakeholders while continuously remaining profitable and competitive. This means conducting our activities according to strict, ethical, professional and legal standards.

Bao Lai strives to integrate economic, environmental and social considerations into our strategic decision-making. We are open-minded in dialogue with those who are affected by our operations and communicate with our stakeholders in a timely and effective manner.

Our vision is to become one of the leading Vietnamese companies in mining, processing, and distribution of ground calcium carbonate powder in most of the countries around the world. To work in cooperation with our customers to satisfy their every demand, we obligate to carefully pay attention to details and always on the search for the best resources to bring the highest quality of ground calcium carbonate powder to the world.



Capacity of 1000m3 /1 month, next 3 years capacity 5000m3 / 1 month


2 stone powder factories capacity 70 tons per hour


CaCO3 Filler Masterbatch factories capacity 16 tons per hour


Capacity of 200 pieces of artificial stone / 1 day

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